The Honors Program is a program of academic study that offers students in all degree and certificate programs at Leeward CC the opportunity to explore issues in greater depth than they might have otherwise. The cornerstone of the Honors Program is its small seminar classes which emphasize engaged discussion and group dynamics in an effort to promote problem solving, creativity, and independent study as means and outcomes of critical thinking.


In addition to challenging themselves academically, students who successfully complete the Honors Program will have that distinction inscribed on their diplomas or certificates, as well as recorded in their transcripts.  Additionally, Honors students have the right to wear the Honors hood at commencement and are recognized for their accomplishments during the ceremony.

Requirements to Join
  1. 12 college-level credits (i.e., courses numbered 100-level and higher) from Leeward CC
  2. A 3.5 GPA or higher at Leeward CC
  3. A completed Honors Application
  4. A completed Faculty Recommendation Form from a previous instructor
  5. A PDF copy of your MyUH transcript e-mailed to Michael Oishi at mtoishi@hawaii.edu

Graduation Requirements

To graduate with honors, students must be accepted into the Honors Program, maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher, and complete ONE of the four below Honors colloquia, which are offered as writing-intensive (WI) courses:
  • Communications (COM) 210H: Intercultural Communications
  • English (ENG) 272H: Introduction to Literature: Culture and Literature
  • Interdisciplinary Studies (IS) 250H: Leadership Development
  • Sociology (SOC) 250H: Community Forces in Hawai‘i


Spring 2017 Honors Candidates

Honors Announcements

"Joining the Honors Program was simple and the 3.5 GPA requirement made me push myself for the best grades possible. The best thing about the Honors Program, though, was the class, which was hands down one of the best classes I've taken at Leeward CC.  It opened my eyes to things that I never paid attention to; it was amazing.

--Navella Pomisino
2015 Honors Graduate and Commencement Student Speaker