MAKAHIKI 2016-2017


Next Meeting....
8 ‘Apelila 2017
Kauaʻi:  Princess Kamakahelei Middle School / 4431 Nuhou St, Lihue, HI 96766

*Please send an email, answering the questions below, to if you have an Agenda request.

Questions for Agenda Items

1. Topic Title?

2. Person presenting Topic at Meeting?

3. Why is this Topic important to ʻAha Kauleo membership?

4. What format will you use to present the Topic? (i.e., Update, Presentation, Q & A, Discussion, etc.)

5. What is the minimum number of minutes you are requesting in the meeting?

6. Are you asking for the ʻAha Kauleo membership to take any specific Action? (i.e., Decide, Vote, Give Feedback, Write Letters, etc.)