Welcome to HES Music!

This webpage will serve as a resource to the Hatfield community looking for information on the activities of the Hatfield Elementary School General Music Program. If you are looking for information on the Hatfield Public Schools Band Program, click here.

Goals of the HES General Music Program:

    To have fun making and learning about music.

    To develop the basic abilities to sing, dance, think about and talk about music in ways that will be used later in life (i.e. dancing at a wedding, singing a lullaby to a child, attending and enjoying concerts, etc.).

Activities that will be included in Music class:

  • Singing in the context of playing games
  • Choral singing / concert singing
  • Folk dancing, often with partners
  • Moving to recorded music to reinforce steady beat sensation
  • Moving to recorded music for artistic understanding
  • Analyzing the form of music
  • Playing instruments
    • percussion and xylophones for all grades
    • recorders for fourth grade
    • NEW! guitars for sixth grade
  • Reading music
    • rhythms
    • pitches
  • Composing music
  • Performing compositions, possibly recording
  • Improvising
    • voices
    • instruments
    • bodies
  • Learning about instrument families and identifying orchestral instruments by sound and sight