William S. Hart Union High School District


District English Learner Advisory Council


DELAC is a district-wide committee made up of representatives from each school's English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC). The purpose of the DELAC is to advise the district's local Governing Board on programs and services for English Learners, and to make decisions about what's best for our English Learner educational programs in our schools. Topics that will be addressed each year include: understanding ELPAC assessment data, analyzing English Learner data, changes in our ELD program, Title III funds, Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), student support, Reclassification criteria, and addressing student / parent needs and concerns.

The Department of Special Programs provides on-going support to our English Learners. We work directly with staff and students to ensure that English Learners have access to a rigorous, Common Core standards-based curriculum with appropriate support. Our goal is to see our English Learners establish English proficiency and obtain grade-level content knowledge while preparing them for success after high school.

Thank you for all your input at the DELAC Meetings regarding the actions and services to be included in our District Title 3 Plan.

DELAC Officers for 2021-22:

Chairperson: Thomas Flores

Vice Chairperson: Jenni Frias

Secretary: Danielle Polanco-Martinez

Student Members: Each school site will bring at least one student representative with parents.

DELAC Agenda Sept 25 2018.pdf
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9-21-21 DELAC Agenda
9-21-21 DELAC Minutes
11-16-21 DELAC Agenda
11-16-21 DELAC Minutes
2-23-22 DELAC Agenda

Jan Daisher

Director of Special Programs


Arian Wilson

English Language Development (ELD) Program Specialist


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