A reminder of services offered

Thanks to Google Apps we can offer you the following services:

1. Personalised start page, either click on "login" on the main page, or go here:

2. Electronic Mail, which includes chat, by going here:

3. Standalone chat application, GTalk and not MSN, by downloading Google Talk

4. Personal Calendar, which you can share with others, by going here:

5. Web Documents, which you can also share, by going here:

(Create Docs as with Word, Excel and PowerPoint but using a web format.)

6. Download Sync for Microsoft Outlook (for Windows only): G Suite Sync

By the way:

You'll be able to configure your account to retrieve mail from your other service providers automatically, (except with free hotmail and,) which means that configuring your mail application (on your computer) will be a breeze, since it'll only need to access Gmail.