I am thrilled that school is just around the corner.  I will use this site to post homework and provide general information for parents and students.  If you have any questions that cannot be answered readily by this site, please email me: karamckeever@marioncross.org.  

August 31, 2017

Dear Families,

I hope you and your child had a wonderful summer!  My goal is to help your child grow in mathematical concepts, procedures, and fluency.  It is very important to me that your child feel both successful and challenged in mathematics.  

In first through fifth grades, mathematic instruction is focused around the Investigations Math program.  In sixth grade, we do not have a program and I use materials from a variety of resources, including Connected Mathematics, Mathscapes, Illustrative Mathematics, Illuminations, and Inside Mathematics.  In 5th grade, our focus will be on developing fluency with addition and subtraction of fractions, and developing understanding of the multiplication of fractions and of division of fractions in limited cases, integrating decimal fractions into the place value system and developing understanding of decimal operations.  We will also be developing fluency with whole number and look at all of the above through a geometric and symbolic lens. In 6th grade, our focus will be on connecting ratio and rate to whole number multiplication and division and using the concepts of ratios and rates to solve problems, continuing to understand fractions and division of fractions, and extending the notion of number to the system of rational numbers (including operations with negative numbers and decimals).  We will also be writing, interpreting, and using expressions and equations, developing an understanding of statistics and thinking about all of the above through a geometric and algebraic lens.  Needless to say, we have a lot to do this year!


As I said, it is very important to me that your child feels successful in math. However, only part of this job is in my hands while the rest must come from your child’s willingness to work hard both in and outside of class.  Outside of class, students will be working on scaffolded month-long problems and weekly reviews.  I am available for extra help if your child needs extra support for grade level material or for extension problems.  

I look forward to meeting you on Curriculum Night, but feel free to stop by my classroom before then.  Email is the easiest way to contact me (karamckeever@marioncross.org), but you can also try me by phone (649-1703 ext. 228).

Warm Regards,

Kara McKeever