Committee Chairmen

Jonathan Li, Justin Zhou

Meeting Time

Tuesday, Activity Period

Meeting Place

Room 244


Noah Phipps (DSB Rep)

Andrew Chen (CPP Rep)

Justin Zhou (Co-Chair)

Jonathan Li (Co-Chair)

Wylie Lucas

Alex Rockmore

Lily Versteeg

Natalia Somoff

Mrs. Caldwell

Mrs. Ryan

Curriculum Committee Attendance 2019-20

The Council bylaws outline Curric's responsibilities:

1. Purpose

(a) To deal with areas of the school curriculum-both courses and teaching.

(b) To serve as a liaison between Committee on Instruction (COI) and the Council.

(c) To deal with areas of the “hidden curriculum” in the school such as decision-making,

citizenship, personal choices open to students, and the part students play in more non-academic learning experiences.

2. Specific Duties

(a) Have at least one member attend CPP meetings regularly.

(b) Become familiar with the Program of Studies and the process of its distribution.

(c) Cooperate with CPP in preparation of the Program of Studies.

(d) Conduct a survey to obtain student and staff sentiment about school curriculum on topics relevant to the school community and concerning the school curriculum at the end of the first semester of every other year and then assess the results in the following year.

(e) Ensure that Mid-Course Evaluations are conducted (a survey on student sentiment about each course and how it is taught) at the mid-point of each course, and evaluated.

(f) Issues surrounding academic honesty are addressed by the committee when needed.

3. At the end of the year, the Curriculum committee will meet with the Dean of Students in order to get a summary of disciplinary action taken that is related to the Academic Integrity Policy.