2011 GDC Online Talk

Please read the full Speakers Entry in the GDC Online 2011 Program for more information on my talk.Interview

There's also a featured speaker interview about the talk I gave to Gamasutra a few weeks before the show.

Download the Slides

You can download the slides for my talk in various formats here.


As most GDC talks, my presentation was recorded on video and will be available through GDC Vault after the conference concludes.


Using examples from Star Wars: The Old Republic, my featured 60 minute lecture at GDC Online 2011 focuses on how spatial analysis can be used to support a rapid content iteration process during the late stages of MMO development.

Topics include

    • A brief overview of the game and it's massive scope.

    • A discussion of content, content iteration and the testing cycle used by BioWare Austin.

    • Why bringing metrics down to the trenches is beneficial and how this applies to BioWare.

    • Analysis and Visualization examples from BioWare's homegrown Spatial Visualization Toolkit on SWTOR.

    • Lessons Learned, Tips and information on how to get started.