Constitution of Association

The name of Association shall be

The Gujarat Economic Association


(i) The objects of the Association will be to promote the study of economic problems in general with special reference to Gujarat and to promote technical competence for teaching and research in them.

(ii) These objects will be sought to be achieved by:

(a) Undertaking, organizing and coordinating research in economic problems;

(b)   Holding periodical conferences, Seminars; Refresher Courses etc;

(c)  Publishing books, report, papers or summaries of papers, proceedings of the conferences and seminars and journals including  translations from English and other European Languages or other Indian Languages into Gujarati;

(d)  Co-operating with the universities in Gujarat State, other all India and regional institutions having similar objects;

(e)  Receiving grants, subsidies, donations, ete.;

(f)   Undertaking any other activity which the President in Consultation with the Executive of the Association may decide to further the objectives of the Association.


(i) The Society shall consist of 

(a) Members, 

(b) Life Members and 

(c) Member Institutions who are interested in the study and research of the economic problems and who subscribe to the aims and objectives of the Association.

(ii) An individual wishing to be a Member or a Life Member shall apply on the prescribed form and shall be admitted to Membership by the President on the payment of prescribed subscription as shown in Sub-Clause (v) Below and his/her name will be communicated to the Executive Committee.

(iii) Member shall be entitled to attend the Annual Conference and   received copies of papers read at the Annual Conference, if published and other publications of the Association expressly accepted.

(iv) The Member Institution shall be entitled to send a representative to the Annual Conference.

(v) The Institutions wishing to become Institutional Member may apply to the Executive Committee and will be admitted to Membership on the approval by the Executive Committee on their paying the annual subscription. They cannot become Life Members.

(vi) The annual subscriptions for membership and Institutional Membership and the lump sum for becoming a Life Member will be fixed at the Annual Meeting of the Executive Committee from time to time.

(vii) if a member does not pay the membership fees for the six months after the expiry of the accounting year, he shall automatically cease to be a member.

3.    Executive  Committee

(a) The affairs of the Society shall be conducted by an Executive Committee which shall consist of the President. Vice-Presidents two, Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, Honorary Jt. Secretary if appointed, Hon. Local Secretary and 12 other member. The Executive so constituted may co-opt. not more than three members.

(b) Office Bearers and Member of the Executive Committee shall be elected by the majority of the votes of members present in person at the Annual General Meeting of the Association and shall retire annually, but may re-elected. The local Hon. Secretary shall be elected from member residing in the locality selected for ensuing Conference.

(c) The Executive Committee will have general powers of supervision of the affairs of the Association. The Committee shall manage these affairs in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Association.

(d) In the event of the President’s inability to fulfill his duties, the Executive Committee shall nominate one of the Vice-Presidents to act in his place and he shall have all the powers of the President.

(e) The Executive Committee will have general powers to fill by co-option any vacancies, including Office Bearers in the Committee that may arise during its term of office.

(f) The Executive Committee shall submit to the Annual General Meeting a report on the working of the Society together with the statement of audited accounts.

(g) The Executive Committee may frame rules and regulations within the framework of the constitution for general working of the Association. These will be placed before the next Annual Meeting of the General Body for approval.

(h) The Executive Committee may constitute Committees and Sup Committees with such powers as it deems necessary

(i) The Quorum for the Executive Meeting shall be one fifth of the total strength.

4.    Annual General Meeting :

(j) The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held once a year. The time and place of such General Meeting shall be fixed by the Secretary in consultation with the President and at least a month’s notice of the meeting be given to all Members, Hon. Members and Member Institution . The Quorum for the Annual General Meeting of the Association shall consist of twenty-five members.

(ii) A Special General Meeting may be convened by the Executive Committee at any time. Fifteen day’s notice of such Special General Meeting shall be given

(iii) The following business shall be transacted at the Annual General Meeting:-

1. Consideration and approval of Annual Report and the audited accounts;

2. Election of Office-Bearers. The Executive Committee and President of the Annual Conference (if any);

3. Appointment of Auditors;

4. Consideration of proposed amendments to the constitution, if any;

5. Other relevant business.

6. The Annual Accounts shall close at the end of June.



The notice of the proposed amendment to the constitution shall be forwarded in writing not less than 1 month before the Annual Meeting. The Hon. Secretary shall ensure that the amendments are circulated to the members not later than 1 month before the of the meeting.  A 2/3rd majority of members present and voting at the Annual Meeting shall be required to alter the constitution.