Summer Assignment

Dear BC Student and Parent:

I am super excited to be working with you this year as you advance from AB AP Calculus to BC AP Calculus.

Taking an AP class is a lot of work and sometimes can be difficult.  This year, you will be taking BC Calculus in a virtual environment that follows the teaching and schedule of a live classroom, but one that you participate in through Google classroom watching videos.  The BC Program is NOT a self-paced online class. You experience the same instruction as a live classroom, but your interaction with the teacher is through email and there isn’t and peer group work.

To ensure student success in this virtual environment, students are required to attend a BC Calculus Workshop that will be held in the Moon Valley Media Center, Wednesday, August 1, 2018, from 4 PM – 6 PM. 

At this workshop, students will be trained on how they will access lessons and how they will be expected to turn in assignments electronically.  We will discuss the different types of study skills needed for this environment.  General expectations will be explained and course materials will be distributed for the first unit.  Students should bring their graphing calculator they used for AB Calculus, their cell phone, a pencil, and paper.  Please make sure you can access your student GUHSD google account. 

Parents are invited to attend, but it is not required. Parents might prefer to just attend a brief question and answer session after students are done with their training.

We will be meeting in the media center.  The workshop starts at 4 PM and will end at 6 PM.  I will schedule time to talk with parents at 6 PM.