Welcome to my art site! 

This website includes schedules, long range plans, student gallery, 
and links to other art sites including Greenville's  Fine Arts Center.  

I hope you enjoy my site. 
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Here is my schedule for the year:
8:15-9:00- 3rd Grade:     
Garosi, Boone,McCurry, and Schwarz

9:05-9:45- K5:                 
Ludwig, Nettles, Ables and Warren

10:25-11:10- 2nd Grade:    
Curry, Kelly, Allen, Denaro, and Clark

11:45-12:30-     1st Grade:    
Hearn, Staggs, Greaves, Edrington, and Sink/Gerogy

12:35-1:20-        4th Grade:    
Murphy, Leonard, Hoefel, and Teeple

1:25-2:10-         5th Grade:     
Shuler, Bramer, and Szynal