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Terjit Vacances hotel & grill is located at the intersection of the great Mauritanian desert and the Atlantic Ocean. For more than 25 years, Terjit Vacances hotel & grill served guests from all over the world.

Prior to paving the Nouadhibou-Nouakchott road, Terjit Vacances was the point where travelers over land, also known as OVERLANDERS, crossed the sand dunes to reach Nouakchott.

OVERLANDERS used to drive the coastline during ocean low-tide to traverse the long distance between Nouadhibou and Nouakchott.

During ocean high tide, travelers stopped due to the mighty waves hugging the sand dunes and eating up the road.

Terjit Vacances welcomes not only good business from its visitors, but it also welcomes stories, music, culture and food from all over Europe and the world.

Please take few minutes to browse our HISTORY page and read testimonies from our most distinguished visitors and memorable gusts.  

Terjit Vacances hotel & grill remains the first destination in Nouakchott for beach side safe camping, dining, and music.