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Terjit Vacances hotel & grill is located at the intersection of the great Sahara desert and the Atlantic Ocean. For more than 27 years, Terjit Vacances hotel & grill served guests from all over the world.

Before the construction of the Nouadhibou-Nouakchott road, Terjit Vacances was the point where travelers over land crossed the sand dunes to reach Nouakchott. 

Travelers drove the coastline during ocean low-tide to traverse the long distance between Nouadhibou and Nouakchott. On high tide, they stopped, camped and observed the mighty waves hugging the sand dunes. 

Terjit Vacances is not just a traditional business, it is a place for stories, music, culture and food from all over the world. Terjit Vacances is a family owned and run establishment. It was founded by Salka Sid Ahmed, a woman entrepreneur. 

Please take few minutes to browse our HISTORY page and read testimonies from our most distinguished visitors and memorable gusts.  

Terjit Vacances hotel & grill remains the first destination in Nouakchott for beach side safe camping, dining, and music.