Important Information:

1. This website will have the most up to date information. If an apartment is up here, please assume that it is still available. (An apartment is not considered rented until we have received the lease(s) and have signed them.)
2. Please let current tenants know when you are coming.
3. Please make sure that all the doors are locked when you leave.
4. Please make sure to give us your applicants' contact information (name, number, email).
5. If you have rented an apartment, please give the incoming tenants the keys the day their lease starts.
Lease Rules:
1. On the lease, please have your client initial the pages of the Lead Law papers and include the clause "Tenant is responsible for ALL utilities" and list the exceptions is there are any (info on listing sheet).
2. Please have your client make a check out to your company for the first AND the last month's rent. Then have your company make a check out to the appropriate owner (info on the listing sheet).
3. NEW FOR 2014: Please include the following in the additional provisions section. "Tenant is responsible for acquiring renter's insurance to protect their belongings."
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