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CD of the Month-February

Archbishop Fulton Sheen --

Studying the Prayer of Jesus, how and when He was devoted to prayer, and why He prayed, we can find a guide for our prayer life. If we implement the tips in this talk, we will improve our prayer life and in the process change our whole life.

Fr Tadeusz

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December 2019 CD of the Month

Advent is an odd season. Unlike most other seasons, it’s a season that isn’t about itself, but is instead about preparing for Christmas. But that reality often gets lost in the shuffle and stress of trying to find all the right gifts, decorations, and dinner ingredients. In this talk, Dr. Tim Gray uses storytelling and the readings of the Old Testament to explain that we need to live the ‘pre-season’ of Advent well, so we can be prepared to welcome and receive the greatest gift God the Father wants to give us at Christmas: His Son, Jesus.

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