About counselling

Counselling gives us the opportunity to really explore our issues, without unwanted advice, or prejudice. We rarely have the opportunity to offload our emotions in the knowledge that it will go no further and not influence our relationship with the confidant.

We often hide our feelings of anxiety, depression, guilt and isolation. We endure the pain of abuse, bullying, bereavement etc. We recognise the disappearance or change in relationships when it seems too late. For some it may seem a good idea to search for "Solutions" which may lead to eating disorders, addiction and/or low self-esteem. The circle is continuous. Counselling offers the opportunity to break the circle, to find our own path, the one that is right for you, the real you.

Many of us enter into counselling struggling to cope with a "Presenting issue" such as grief or anxiety, but we are all individuals, a unique person, with a unique history that only we know. It is with this knowledge that the healing process is facilitated. I learn from you, enabling you to learn from yourself, because I believe that we all have the innate ability to cope with all that life throws at us, but throughout our lives we lose sight of our coping mechanisms, clinging to outdated defences which hinder our psychological growth. The counselling relationship offers that opportunity to discover our own unique potential to enable us to deal with our problems as only we know how.


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