Dear Georgetown Graduate Student,

Welcome to the Hilltop!

We are delighted that you are pursuing your graduate education at Georgetown and want to make the University a supportive and welcoming home for you. As you pursue your academic goals and delve more deeply into your field of study, you will be immersed in the life of an academic department. We also want you to become a part of the larger Georgetown University community and to make the most of your time here.

This Graduate Student Life Guide is designed to provide you with some basic information about services and programs available to you and to help you in navigating life at Georgetown. Please feel free to contact any of the offices listed for advice and answers to your questions. You have our very best wishes as you continue pursuing your educational goals.

Hoya Saxa,

Jeanne Lord, J.D., Ed.D.

Assoc. Vice President for Student Affairs

and Dean of Students

Alex Sens, Ph.D.

Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences