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What online learning opportunities are available to Gaston County students?
Gaston County Schools offers both first time and repeat credit opportunities to students during the academic year as well as during summer. Virtual learning can be offered to students during the school day or as an additional course to accompany the traditional course load.  Please use the links in the navigation frame to the left to familiarize yourself with the various options and to help determine which program best meets your academic need.

What to consider before you sign up for an online course:
  • Reliable internet and equipment away from school is required if taking an online course off-campus during the school day or as your fifth period. 
  • Organization and self-discipline is vital for success. YOU are responsible for managing your time, resources, and meeting deadlines when taking an online course.
  • Online courses typically require MORE time than in-person courses. 

Will you be successful in an online course? Use the resources below to assess your potential for a successful experience in online learning.
Don't forget to talk to your teachers and/or school counselors if you have more questions about which online course(s) you should take, or what to expect. 

Next steps:
  1. Talk to your parents about taking an online course. 
  2. Take at least one of the online learner assessments linked above to aid your understanding of online courses and determine your potential for a successful online learning experience. 
  3. Review the links in the navigation frame on this page to help you determine which courses are both available to you and are of interest to you. 
  4. Consult with your school counselor as to course selections. 
  5. Verify that you turned in a completed Responsible Use Agreement (RUA) form to your school at the beginning of the year. If not, download and complete the form on the Online Learning Forms page. 
  6. Visit the page for the online course provider (NCVPS or Gaston Online) that offers the course you are interested in. The provider pages include the next steps in completing your course registration. 

Remember, additional course opportunities for juniors and seniors exist through the Career & College Promise Program.  High school juniors and seniors have an opportunity to take tuition-waived courses (online and face-to-face) at Gaston College while being dually enrolled in their high school.  Please visit their site for information and details.