Hello Future Band Students and Parents,

In band, your student will learn to play their instruments, perform at concerts and have a great time with their friends doing it. But, band is much more than just learning to perform on an instrument, it facilitates the development of friendships and extended family - friendships that can last for a lifetime. Your student will become part of a group of successful young people, giving your young musician a sense of belonging that will help the transition from elementary school to middle school less stressful and less awkward. The Mountain Valley Band is a family and we encourage each other musically and academically.

To enroll in band for the school year, you will need to indicate on your student’s choice sheet that you choose band as your first choice elective - but if you chose another elective and want to change it to band, you can. You just need to contact the MVMS counseling office at 830-885-1314.

Instrument testing for 5th graders will take place in the Spring Semester, usually after Spring Break. Once students have been placed on an instrument, we will have an instrument and supply drive at Mountain Valley MS where you can purchase/rent an instrument for your student from local music vendors. Mountain Valley also has instruments for rent, but these resources are limited to the bigger, more expensive instruments, so supplies are limited. Don’t let the cost of renting or buying an instrument discourage your participation. We can always find a solution.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 830-885-1330 or at eduardo.gonzales@comalisd.org. You may also visit our band’s webpage (MVHawkBand.org) for more detailed information about your future enrollment in band at Mountain Valley.

Thank You,

Ed Gonzales and Robert De Long


Incoming Beginner (current 5th Graders) Band Dates:

  • Thursday, March 28 Beginner Band Petting Zoo at MVMS Band Hall - 4:30-6:30
  • Tuesday, April 2nd Beginner Band Petting Zoo at MVMS Band Hall - 4:30-6:30
  • Thursday, May 9th (Supply Drive) Our music dealers will be at the MVMS Band Hall and you will get the chance to rent/purchase supplies for next school year.