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MIRDCalc V 1.0 – A community spreadsheet tool for organ-level radiopharmaceutical absorbed dose calculations

The you for your interest in MIRDcalc internal dosimetry software. The software is not available yet for distribution but will be available shortly. 

If you would like to be added to the MIRDcalc email list, and receive updates about the software, please send your name/email to MIRDcalc@gmail.com 

About MIRDcalc

  • A freely distributable platform for organ level dosimetry calculations
  • A platform for innovation in nuclear medicine dosimetry
Internal radiation dosimetry is critical for the development of new diagnostic imaging radiotracers as well as therapeutic applications where dosimetry can be used to personalize treatments. To support our dynamic and expanding field, widely available, user-friendly tools that enable accurate dosimetry calculations are required. In response to this, we have developed MIRDCalc – an organ-level biodistribution-to-dosimetry calculation software tool, built in the universally available Microsoft EXCEL platform. 

The MIRDcalc software is being developed in collaboration with the SNMMI MIRD committee.

MIRDcalc organ level dosimetry
  • 333 isotopes (ICRP Publication 107), 
  • Family of 12 ICRP phantoms with 79 source organs and 43 target organs each
ICRP voxelized phantoms used in MIRDcalc software

Features of MIRDCalc dosimetry software
  • Intuitive interface
  • Ultrafast (/instant) processing
  • Error propagation/calculation
  • Patient-specific S value adjustment (based on body habitus)
  • Executable via user interface or command line (supports batch processing)
  • Visual quality control checks
  • Standardized input/output
Built in EXCEL platform 
  • Robust/intuitive platform
  • Easy to install
  • MIRDcalc will be distributed freely in the community
  • Distribution date TBD

Using MIRDcalc

MIRDCalc can be run on any computer with Excel 2013 or later installed. The database powering MIRDCalc stores all necessary information for implementing biodistribution-to-dosimetry calculations using the MIRD schema and incorporates calculation-specific details for 333 isotopes (ICRP Publication 107), a family of 12 ICRP phantoms with 58 source organs and 44 target organs each. 

Additional features of mass scaling, error propagation, dynamic remainder-of-body source regions, quality-control checks, and summary graphics are also included.  All input and software interactions are provided in a single-screen interface. Don't like MS Excel or user interfaces - MIRDcalc can be called via command line with full features, and thus supports batch processing and automated workflow integration. 

The intention is to distribute MIRDCalc freely in the medical and dosimetry community, with open source coding, making this software dependable, and idea for education.

Status (6/1/2018)

This tool will be distributed freely in the community to aid with research and dosimetry estimation. The tool can be easily updated with expanded isotopes/phantoms, and provides a framework for future innovation and development of dose calculation methodology and software in the community. 

Public release date has yet to be determined. When released, distribution will be free to the community.


MIRDcalc Production Team:

Adam L Kesner, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Department of Medical Physics, New York, NY, USA

Edmond Olguin,University of Florida, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Gainesville, FL, USA

Daniel Lafontaine, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Department of Medical Physics, New York, NY, USA 

Pat Zanzonico,Memorial Sloan Kettering, Department of Medical Physics, New York, NY, USA 

Wesley E Bolch, University of Florida, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Gainesville, FL, USA