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We are not currently taking basic manners or puppy cases. Please contact us for a trainer referral.

We get it.

Having a dog with not-so-wonderful behaviors is taxing on your mental health. You’d like to be able to walk your dog around the block without stressful encounters. You’d like to have guests over without worrying about if your dog is going to jump, bark, or bite. You’d like to minimize the drama of a vet visit. We’re here to help.

Flashy obedience does not solve severe behavioral concerns.

We don’t care much for fancy footwork, strict obedience, or robotic heeling - especially since none of these skills address the root causes in common behavioral struggles such as aggression, leash reactivity, and separation anxiety. Our services are designed to focus on the issues at hand. Instead of using a traditional “obedience” model of dog training, we focus on giving you practical skills best suited for your dog and family dynamic to get you realistic results.

Your dog is an individual.

Chances are, your dog needs more than just basic training or an immense amount of structure. They need to be understood as an individual. Each dog has their own collection of motivators, health factors, genetic predispositions, and personalities. These factors are crucial in our assessment of your current behavioral struggles with your dog and can also allow us to develop a personalized behavior plan for lasting results.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

We all make mistakes with our pets - even us! And we know how confusing, misleading, and overwhelming the world wide web can be when searching for dog behavior advice. Everyone is doing the best they can with the information they have. We provide you with an inclusive, nonjudgmental and empathetic approach to resolving your dog’s behavior struggles.

Reasonable. Realistic. Research-based.

We’re more than just “dog trainers.” We are coaches, consultants, and you and your dog’s personal cheerleaders. We focus on providing realistic expectations while effectively addressing your behavioral concerns. We consistently seek out the most modern canine science and continuing education in order to provide you with the most up-to-date training approaches in the industry. This is dog training - re-imagined. Reasonable expectations, game-changing interventions, and lifelong results. We’re excited to help you and your dog thrive!

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