Welcome to Mr. Culler's Geography webpage.  If aliens did happen to steal your geography book then you are in luck, these pages will provide you with much of the information you need.  I have included my PowerPoint presentations for each chapter and copies of worksheets and study guides.

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Current Events!
Every Friday we review the current events of the world from the past week.  To help you to stay on top of these stories I am providing all students FREE access to the Beaver County Times. Here is how to access it:
Select: Beaver Newspaper
Username: niejim
Password: mypaper
NEWSEUM With so much going on in the news today, it is interesting to see what other papers are focusing on. In the link NEWSEUM you will find front pages from newspapers through out, Pennsylvania. You can also search for front pages from papers around the world, Europe, Asia, Africa, California, Ohio, there are so many choices. 
Get your Current Event Question Sheet in class or go to CHAPTER 1 page and at the bottom is a digital copy...

Countries of the World PowerPoint Resources

Internet Sources: Here is a list of internet sources with valuable information on                                                                           the countries and cultures of the world. 

Chapter and Unit summaries, vocabulary flash cards, practice quizzes, puzzles, GAMES, and more.

Britannica - Online encyclopedia - has an entire section dedicated to "Countries of the World"

Britannica Online for Young Adults - Written to be easily understood!
        Click on the link above
        Then: Resource tab
        Then: Britannica Online for Young Adults
        Then: 20000010214076

Cultural Grams - by far the most useful of all the sites! 
        Username: FAMSBULLDOG
        Password: bulldog

A to Z the World  (trying to access this site from home -  USERNAME - freedom PASSWORD- bulldogs)

World Data  - provides various data on such things like percent of languages spoken, percent of religion practiced, capital cities, and climate.
Languages in Europe - Choose a language to explore the countries it is spoken in or choose a country to explore its languages

Factmonster- (It has online:  almanacs, atlas, dictionary and encyclopedia along with country profiles)

Food by Country - (describes food eaten daily and during holiday's and celebrations)

Kwintessential - (Country Profiles - not all country but a lot of them. GREAT source!)

Atlapedia - ( contains full color physical maps, political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.)

CIA World Factbook Link (under library heading - click World Factbook)

Every Culture - (Detailed, illustrated articles on more than one hundred world cultures.)

Maps of World - (flag info) - (Includes a lot of information on country flags)

Global Edge - (Your source for statistical data for 201 countries around the world. Find out more about their history, economy and political conditions.)

Cultural Crossing Guide A community built resource for cross-cultural etiquette and understanding