Uke Play-Along Videos...Make and Take!

Here's a link to my YouTube Channel:

DrJillReese YouTube

Here's a link to some of my videos BLOCKED by YouTube (always a bummer)

Here are links to OVER 800+ play-along tunes from a variety of YouTube channels:

Click here for tunes by title

Click here for tunes by chords

See pdf below for directions regarding downloading videos from YouTube. To avoid commercials and other distractions (or for times when you are not able to access the internet), download the video! Or click here to download the pdf of directions.

How to Download a YouTube Video.pdf

How to MAKE Ukulele

Play-Along Videos

I (Dr. Jill Reese) make them on a Mac using iMovie.

Here's the link to the YouTube video on making play-along videos:

Rachel Webley (of Ukulaliens) makes them on PC using Filmora.

Here's her video (maybe you found this) on making play-along videos:

Christopher Russell (aka Ukulele Tenor) makes them on an iPad using Luma Fusion:

Dennis Wilson (from Port Union Ukes in Toronto, Canada) makes videos using Keynote with his Mac.

Instuctions - Prepare Lyrics Video with Keynote.pdf