Welcome to Fredonia Ukulele!

We are a community of ukulele enthusiasts who have been meeting since March 2015! We have three kinds of jam sessions: Community Jam Sessions, B-side Uke Jam Sessions, and Second Saturday Uke Jams. We also run an introductory class (Uke-newbie Jam) at the local library!

  • Community Jam Sessions are typically the last Friday of each month at 6pm. No matter your skill level, you are welcome in this group. If you've never played ukulele, but are interested...don't worry! We'll have a couple extra ukuleles for you to try and we have a "beginners and brush-up" session at the beginning of each Final Friday Jam Session.
  • B-side Uke Jam Sessions are new additions (since summer 2016) to our Community Jam Sessions. B-side Uke Jams pop up when we've got time. It is intended for ukulele enthusiasts who are a step beyond beginners. Participants should be familiar with basic chords (C, F, Am, G, Em, D, Dm) and strumming. We welcome everyone, but this session moves at a quicker pace than our usual jam sessions.
  • Uke-newbie Jam (pronounced "oo-ka-noo-bee") is intended for beginners and those who would like to work on the basics. Participants will focus on some basic chords (C7, F, C, G7, G, Am) and strumming. We welcome everyone, but this session moves a bit slower than our usual jam sessions. If you don’t have a uke, don’t worry…we’ve got extras!!!

--We're all about making music as a community, and we're looking forward to meeting you!