About Me

Mrs. La Rubbio’s Bio & Teaching Mission:

Mrs. La Rubbio began her teaching career as an Art Educator in December 1998. She currently teaches Elementary Art at Woodside Avenue School and Colonial Road School. Mrs. La Rubbio received her BA in Art Education from Pennsylvania State University with a Minor in Art History and her Masters in Art Education from Columbia University, Teacher's College. Her favorite media to work with is photography and oil paints.

Mrs. La Rubbio's mission is to enhance her students’ knowledge & appreciation for the production of art & the history of art as well as being able to dialogue about it.

Art Overview 2023-2024

“I begin with an idea, and then it becomes something else.”

-Pablo Picasso

This year in art we will be focusing on the 7 Elements of Art: color, line, texture, value, shape, form and space.  I see each class once a week for 45 minutes.   Each grade level will also create projects from various cultures from around the world.  Students will be educated on art production (the making of art), art history (the history of art), aesthetics (the beauty of art), and art criticism (critiquing/discussing the artist’s work and their own work). These four disciplines of art give our students a well-rounded art education background.  They also gain a better understanding and appreciation for the arts. All lessons meet the Visual and Performing Art New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.