Peer Leadership Corps

Peer Leadership Corps (PLC) represents every student in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade who wants to help make a difference in our community. The PLC will host dozens of drives, fundraisers, events, and dances throughout the school year. Each and every 6th, 7th, and 8th grade student is welcome and encouraged to attend! Everything we do helps those in need in our town, county, state, country, and even world. Every week there's an event you can attend, sign up for, or help out with. FAMS Community on your Gmail Forums tab will always detail each and every event. Participate today!

Interested in helping others? Would you like to be a part of the Core Group in 8th grade? Each and every PLC event you participate in during 6th and 7th grade earns you PLC credit!

Details about every events can be found on the FAMS Community forum inside your Gmail!

What's coming up next?

Veterans Day Celebration

Do you have any veterans or current service men and women in your family? If so, take a moment to register them for the PLC Veterans Slide Show. We'll play this show honoring your families all day long on Monday, November 12th. All forms are due by Monday, November 5th.



October 22, 2018- November 5, 2018

Families at St. Jude Children's Hospital rely on the generous donations of people like you to make their strenuous hospital stay during the holidays a little easier.

We are collecting almost any kind of NEW, UNUSED, UNWRAPPED GIFTS.

The holiday wish list enclosed includes popular items among children of all ages, including teens.

The value of any single item is limited to no more than $150.

Please DO NOT WRAP your donation.

Drop your gift off in the box outside the main office anytime over the next two weeks! Just sign your name on the tally sheet to receive PLC credit! THANK YOU!

Please do NOT donate the following:

Ø Stuffed Animals

Ø Dolls made of cloth

Ø Porcelain Dolls

Ø Food or Candy

Ø Toy Guns

Ø Balloons

Ø VHS Movies

Ø Sand or Clay

Ø Soap or Bubble mixtures

Ø Items with fabric

Examples of acceptable gifts:


Ø Video Games, Accessories, Controllers

o Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PSVita

Ø Nintendo 3DS and 2DS games

Ø Nintendo 3DS and 2DS accessories

Ø Nintendo 2DS console

Ø Portable DVD Player

Ø New Release DVD’s G, PG, PG-13, R

Ø Television Series Seasons on DVD

Ø Bluetooth compatible speakers

Ø CD’s all genres

Ø iPad, iPad mini, & iPad Air accessories

Ø iPhone 6, 7, & 8 accessories

Ø Headphones/Earbuds; ie. Beats, Skull Candy

Ø Kindle Fire HD7

Ø Beginner guitar sets

Ø Small keyboard

Ø Instant cameras and film (Fuji/Polaroid)

Ø Video camera

$10-$50 Gift Cards

Ø Best Buy

Ø Target

Ø GameStop

Ø Amazon

Ø iTunes

Ø Starbucks

Infants- School Age

Ø Popular Disney Items & Characters

Ø Doc McStuffins

Ø Fisher Price Little People play set

Ø Thomas and Friends

Ø American Girl dolls/accessories

Ø Doll houses/furniture/people

Ø Pokemon

Ø Lego sets for all ages

Ø Minecraft

Ø Sesame Street

Ø Despicable Me

Ø Multi-cultural Barbie dolls & Accessories

Ø Sports balls

o Footballs

o Basketballs

o Soccer balls

Ø Paw Patrol

Ø Hatchables

Ø Popular action figures

o Spiderman

o Batman

o Captain America

o Superman

o Star Wars


Ø Lego Kits ages 13 and up

Ø Sketch books and artist supplies

Ø Model kits; i.e. cars, aircraft, ships

Ø OPI Nail Polish

Ø Popular purses and wallets

Ø Also see electronics and gift cards for pre-teen/teen gift options