Our Role


Middle school counselors are professional educators with a mental health perspective who understand and respond to the challenges their students face.  They provide academic advisement, encourage and facilitate career exploration, and support students' social, personal and emotional growth in accordance with district, state and national standards.  Our school counseling program and services address individual student needs to enhance learning, and to improve classroom engagement by removing barriers that impede academic success.  We strive to collaborate with families and the school community to develop high school graduates who are productive, resourceful, and responsible global citizens.


Some of the ways in which we achieve our goal of supporting the whole student include:
- teaching developmental counseling lessons in the classroom
- providing academic advisement and assisting in implementation of interventions
- supporting students' social, personal and emotional needs individually
-supporting student needs in small group settings
- facilitating career exploration through Naviance
- working closely with parents and teachers to support our students
- hosting University Day to facilitate conversation surrounding post-secondary options
- attending team meetings and parent meetings
- providing families with resources in the greater community to meet needs
-collaborating with students' outside counselors and other professionals to support students in school
- promoting inclusiveness and kindness through our annual Mix-It-Up Day program
- supporting students through the transition to high school and course selection
- supporting school-wide PBIS initiatives