Ski & Snowboard Mountaineering Course  2018-19  

This course is designed for those skiers and boarders who are proficient on  Alpine, Telemark, Randonee or Snowboard equipment, who are in good physical condition, and who want to improve their knowledge, skill and safety when entering the realm of the winter alpine.  Completion of this course prepares you to safely ski and snowboard in most backcountry destinations and when coupled with the Glacier Travel Course gets you ready to say for example ski off Mt. Baker.  


The course consists of seven evening lectures and three field days 
classroom :

  •  Backcountry Equipment  
  •  Winter Mountain Weather
  •  Winter Health and Safety
  •  Emergency Bivy and Equipment Repair
  •  Emergency Evacuation
  •  Intermediate Winter Navigation
  •  Winter Camping
In the field:
  • There is a one day Basic Maneuvers Field Trip, and a weekend Overnight Field Trip which includes building snow shelters and emphasis on safe route finding and touring. Students have 2 years to complete the course.
Course fee: $225  when combined with Foothills AIARE l-1  $275  members, $375 for guests.  

This price does not include  AIARE Level 1 training. 

Enrollment is limited to 32 students.  

Want more info? Contact Jerry White 

Course Schedule

        • Nov 27 - Intro/Backcountry Equipment    7 to 9pm 

        • Dec 4 Emergency Bivy and Repairs     7 to 9pm

        • Dec 11 - Winter Weather / Digital Trip Planning 7 to 9pm 

        • Dec 18  -  Winter Health and Safety

        • Jan 13 - Basic Maneuvers FT   8:00am to 4:00 pm

        • Jan 22 – Intermediate Navigation Lecture 7 to 9pm 

        • Jan 29 -  Emergency Evacuation 7 to 9pm                      

        • Feb 5 - Snow Camping lecture  7 to 9pm 

        • Mar 2,3  - Overnight FTSnow Camping / Touring  8am Sat to 4PmSun       

Note:  All lectures  will be held at the Mercer Island Community Center  7:00 pm to 9:00 pm 

  • Basic Navigation (offered by Sea and Tac) or if you have a basic understanding take our eqivalency test                                          
Additional requirements to graduate:
  • Glacier Travel & Crevasse Rescue Course or Basic Climbing equivalency
  • Mountain Oriented First Aid (MOFA) or Wilderness First Aid (WFA)
  • Successful completion of three M-Level ski trips, one of which is an overnight

Required Equipment:

  • Metal edged skis and climbing skins or snowboard with workable uphill climbing system (skins, approach skis or snowshoes) 
  • Shovel 
  • Avalanche probe 
  • 457 kHz avalanche transceiver