Welcome to another exciting school year !!

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Welcome to the 5P website! An exciting 2018/2019 campaign is on the horizon here in Grade 5, and I personally am looking forward to a fun-filled, swashbuckling good time for this school year. We are now a Leader In Me school, what that looks like for St. Gabriel School is anyone's guess but only amazing things have been said about this award winning program!
    In Science, we kick things off with Weather Watch, followed by Classroom Chemistry, Electricity, and Wetlands. There's a lot of hands on activity in both Chemistry and Electricity so students need to use safety and precaution during lab sessions to avoid unnecessary accidents.

    As I'm sure you're all aware, this is no longer your grandfather's type of Mathematics. From discussion activities, to manipulatives, to division using repeated subtraction, math these days has become more interesting than ever. Expect homework in Math on a daily basis, however, plenty of time is given in class to complete it. I also encourage all students to be practicing their times tables at home regularly.

In Language Arts, poetry, biographies, reading strategies, balanced literacy, non-fiction reading
comprehension, and many other intriguing topics take centre stage throughout the year. Be prepared for weekly spelling quizzes/working with words assignments.

    Social Studies covers all of Canada. From regions, landforms, employment, vegetation, and many other historical facts and figures in relation to our beautiful country.

    All in all, I'm definitely excited for this school year, and I hope you, your child, your grand-child, or whoever else may be reading this associated with 5P, feels the same way.
    If there are any questions or concerns throughout the school year, I can be contacted via e-mail at luke.pretto@fmcsd.ab.ca or by calling the school at 780-799-5745.


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