Redecorating is economical decorating.

Your home is filled with things you love, gifts, treasures, and souvenirs that can be used to reinvent your space in order to truly reflect your personality.

The process begins with consultation to determine what you do and don't like about the room and how you want the room to function. We'll take a brief walk through the other rooms in your home and you'll identify which furniture and accessories we can use for redecorating. We'll then provide you with a cost estimate and the opportunity to schedule the redesign. We'll also provide you with a list of items you may want to purchase to add that final touch to your room.

Rates: Initial consultation $185. Applicable taxes included.

Rooms are priced according to size and amount of furniture. You will receive a brief proposal and cost estimate after the initial consultation and the opportunity to schedule the redesign.

Payment: Cash, e-Transfer or cheque is due at the end of the consultation.