History of the Committee

Fiesta Day, as we know it today, took form in the last three days of the Colorado State Fair in 1966.  Mr. Henry G. Reyes was able to convince the newly appointed State Fair Manager, Don Svedman that his ideas for a day dedicated to the importance and influence of the Hispanic Culture in our community were worth celebrating.  Mr. Svedman was looking for ways to make the fair more successful.  The idea of Fiesta Day had been previously proposed, but never adopted.  Together with George Sandoval, KAPI Radio Station manager, they were able to contract a performance for Thanksgiving Day, 1966, with famed singer Antonio Aguilar and his wife, Flor Silvestre.  Mr Svedman was so impressed with the brilliance and performance at the well-attended event that he was willing to support the idea of “Fiesta Day” during the State Fair.  A committee was formed and would select a theme, which would be celebrated with mariachi music, charros, folklorico dancers, and caballos amaestros.  There would be wonderful decorations, food and plenty of fanfare.  Mr. Antonio Aguilar would present grandstand entertainment and would bring his trained horses to acquaint people with the Mexican Cowboy- El Charro Mexicano.  The Charreada, or Mexican Rodeo, continues to be a Fiesta Day tradition to this day.  As Henry Reyes once said, “The important part for a successful Fiesta Day is to find other persons enthusiastic about the idea and then to excite all of Pueblo and the entire State of Colorado.” Our continued partnership with the Colorado State Fair to support the Hispanic community has kept this tradition going for all these years.  

The Fiesta Queen Pageant, The Fiesta Queen Pageant committee was established shortly after the first Fiesta Day, with George Sandoval directing the first initial components, which included selection criteria and pageant rules.  On Sunday, August 6, 1967, the first pageant was held.  Ten contestants competed for the title and it was Rosemary Ayala who was crowned the first fiesta queen.  A queen has been crowned every year since 1967 and this year we will be crowning our 56th queen.