Welcome to My Digital Classroom

Name:  Ms. Sharon Worthen        
Room #:  239 
E-mail:  sworthen@faculty.brashiermiddlecollege.org

About the teacher:
My name is Sharon Worthen.  This will be my sixth year at Brashier. I will be teaching chemistry and two science electives (Science in the Cinema first semester and Pathophysiology second semester).  

All class information can be found in the sidebars to the left.  Please be sure to read through the syllabus and general classroom policies for your class.  I will not be providing a handout in class.  Pay particular attention to my retesting and late work policies:)

Service Hour Opportunity- I will accept the following items in exchange for in school service hours (limit 5 service hours):
  • kleenex (3 boxes = 1 service hour)
  • dry erase markers (8 markers = 1 service hour)
  • distilled water (2 gallons= 1 service hour)

                                    My schedule:

A day        ___________                  
B day________________
1st period- Honors Chem                 1st period- CP Chem
2nd period- planning                          2nd period- College Seminar 
3rd period- Science in Cinema         3rd period- Honors Chem  
4th period- CP Chem                         4th period- planning

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