Tibetan Cranial Therapy

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Susan just moved to Alexandria, VA. Online appointments for Ayurveda, yoga therapy, and distance Reiki are now available. In-person appointments will begin as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. Please get in touch with any questions.

Tibetan Cranial® therapy is an ancient healing tradition from the Himalayan highlands. Known traditionally as "Thoba Khujatag," Tibetan Cranial work was developed in Tibetan monasteries and has passed directly from teachers to apprentices over thousands of years. It is a disciplined technique designed to realign and restore our innate capacity for self-healing. Tibetan Cranial work helps the body correct its own imbalances so that it can heal itself. Sophisticated pulse readings provide the means to deliver the most appropriate treatment. During the session, the practitioner works on the head and neck, using pulses to help the body achieve optimal balance.    

Unlike many other systems, Tibetan Cranial therapy does not focus on a specific disease or diagnosis, but aids in restoring overall balance. Because the work helps to restore the person's own ability to regain balance, people have reported relief from a wide variety of symptoms. Many people with various symptoms (headaches, migraines, back and neck pain, anxiety, head injury, stress-related conditions, depression, many nervous-system related issues, and more) particularly enjoy Tibetan Cranial work

Tibetan Cranial therapy takes place in a quiet setting. The clothed person rests on a specially-designed wood table. The practitioner kneels at the end of the table above the client’s head. At various times, the practitioner moves to the client's head, hands, or feet to assess pulses. The practitioner then applies subtle touch to the head, face, and neck. During the treatment, pulse readings are repeated and adjustments are made until optimum balance is achieved. The session ends with a "seal," followed by a period of quiet relaxation.

Sessions last approximately 60 minutes. For more information on preparing for a session, what to expect during a session, and post-session recommendations, visit TC Session Preparation.

For more information about Tibetan Cranial therapy, visit our pages comparing Tibetan Cranial therapy to CranioSacral Therapy, exploring how Tibetan Cranial therapy works, and describing who can benefit. You can find additional information on the Tibetan Cranial Association web site at http://www.tibetancranial.org.

Susan Bernhardt has been providing Tibetan Cranial sessions since she began training in 2012. She has been a Practitioner since 2014 and now is a Teacher as well. 

Call or email for more information or to schedule an appointment, or make an appointment online at Schedule an Appointment


After experiencing a head and neck injury, I spent a year trying to find treatment that would relieve my symptoms. The Tibetan Cranial experience with Susan offered the most impactful healing to my head, neck and entire body. I would strongly recommend Tibetan Cranial Therapy for those struggling with head and neck issues.


I tried Tibetan Cranial with Susan after a friend told me what a stellar experience she had. I have suffered from chronic headaches and neck pain for years and after just one session with Susan, I am pain-free. I wasn't quite sure what to expect so I am absolutely thrilled. The experience was very relaxing from beginning to end and I felt like Susan really listened when I described my pain points to her. I'm already planning my next session and cannot wait to experience the continued benefits of Tibetan Cranial. Thank you, Susan!


I'm still feeling the benefits of this treatment 4 days ago. I've been telling my friends & yoga students. Everyone can benefit from Tibetan Cranial treatment. Powerful yet subtle. Thank you. I will be back!


Working with Susan helped me recover from a concussion. Within a few sessions, my headaches and the buzzing in my head were significantly lessened. I was amazed by Susan's extensive knowledge of and expertise in Tibetan Cranial. That, combined with her genuine compassion and devotion to one's healing, made all the different in restoring my health.

-- C

I’ve struggled with chronic neck pain and stiffness for nearly 40 years, probably from a car accident.  I’ve tried medication, massage, chiropractic care and supervised weightlifting, with only minor, temporary relief.  The Tibetan Cranial care provided by Susan over the course of approximately eight sessions has provided more relief than 40 years of these other treatment modalities.  I look forward to many years of Susan’s healing touch. 

-- D