2.4 Version Update

Please note, you will be able to update the current version of your Mobile Connector if you follow the such ways as:

Automated method

Press the corresponding option next to the Module field in the Modules List -> Mobile section of the store back-end:

Update module

You can use the option in the 'Modules and Services' section to check the availability of the latest versions for your installed extensions.

If all of them are already updated, you receive the following message in green:

Check for updates option

Otherwise, you will get the result how many modules need to be updated and appear the option which allows perform current action massively (in a bulk):

Update all modules in bulk

Manually method

1) To get the latest version of the Module upload archived file by using the link below:


2) Go to the Admin Panel, login to your admin account and find the Module section.

3) Press 'Add new module' option and choose the installation zip file from your computer.

Upload this Module

–°licking on the "Upload this module" button, you thereby rewrite and update the Mobile Connector current version.