About Me

Hey all! My name is Becky Pecoraro -- pronounced peck-or-arrow... but feel free to call me Mrs. P! (My maiden name is Potter, so let me know if I had any of your siblings!) A little about me...

This is my 14th year teaching, all here at Oak Ridge High School. I have taught Algebra One, Algebra 10-12, Geometry, Geometry 11-12, Advanced Algebra 2, Precalculus, and Differential Calculus. I have been married for four years to my incredible husband, Nick. We have two children: Olivia, who will be three in October, and Luke, who is almost four months old. We also have a fur baby: a five year old boxer named Bubba. If any of you know Mrs. May, Biology teacher here at ORHS,.. she is my sister! I was born in Auburn but grew up in Clovis, CA, and went to Buchanan High School, class of 2000. I went to Santa Clara University on a full volleyball scholarship, where I was a 2-time All-American. I graduated in 2004 as a math major. I got my teaching credential at San Jose State University. I have a Masters of Science in Sports Management from California University of Pennsylvania. I coached varsity volleyball here at Oak Ridge from 2005-2013, but now my focus is on teaching.

Why do I teach?

Besides loving math, I also love creating a safe and welcoming environment for my students. My philosophy has always been, “They may not like the math, but I want them to like coming to math class.” A classmate of mine in credential school announced one day that he was “not here to be a psychologist” and that his door was always going to be closed. This bothered me immensely and is completely the opposite of what I believe in. At one point, during my junior year in high school, I ate lunch either in the locker room or in a teacher’s classroom with one other friend, almost daily. All because I didn’t feel welcomed anywhere else on campus. It was the compassion and understanding of my teachers and coaches that helped me become comfortable in my own skin and gave me a sense of self-worth. Every year I hope to emulate that with my students. Please always feel free to come talk to me or eat lunch with me if you ever need a safe space. All are welcome here... Oh, and hopefully you learn some math along the way!