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Apprenticeship Program

 E.D.P. Wiring Systems, LLC is an approved apprenticeship sponsor in the state of Connecticut. E.D.P. offers an apprenticeship program which includes infield work and schooling through IEC for eligible workers. In the apprenticeship program individuals who have completed their schooling will work in the field to gain experience and accumulate hours toward their license.
Journeyman/Working Foreman
For licensed individuals E.D.P. offers infield work with management opportunities that build on personal strengths and provide new experiences. Journeyman/working foreman contribute to the apprenticeship program by helping mentor and coach an apprentice in their field. Continuing education corresponding to the National Codes is also provided. Organization, time management, and the ability to communicate are the major characteristics needed in an individual for this position. Journeyman/Working Forman should be concerned with the safety and well-being of the customers and employees. Daily travel to job sites will be necessary as well as documentation of completed work.

 Architectural drawing analysis of refurbished and newly constructed buildings, estimating, calcul-ating, and research are the major requirements of E.D.P.’s Estimators. Estimators should be able to offer the best price and quality of product for our customers. Both in-office and in-field positions are available. Both positions require people and communication skills when working with vendors, employees, and customers.


Resumes should include the following information:

Name, present address, telephone number, email

What type of position are you applying for?

List degrees / accredited institutions where the degrees are held.

Internship, apprenticeship, prior employment in the field

Employment outside the field

Please include three references