Chromebook Use and Care

Chromebook information for parents

In the six months since the introduction of the Government Chromebook initiative, there have been very few non-warranty claims made on behalf of students and parents at Alfred Deakin High School.

Out of approximately 900 Chromebooks handed to students, there have only been six cases of non-warranty damage reported to date.  Of these, five related to display damage as the result of mishandling or accident.  Parents are urged to remind students of their responsibilities under the scheme relating to the care of the devices;  although sturdy they are not indestructible. The most common cause of damage is impact to the outer lid which transfers force to the LCD screen within.  This is true from the other side when objects are left on the keyboard and the lid closed. While the outer shell and screen do not show any signs of damage (the devices have been design this way) the impact can be quite severe.

Lost, stolen or damaged Chromebooks

If a Chromebook is lost, stolen or damaged the student must immediately report it to the school. The student may be interviewed regarding the incident so the school can determine action. The school may require written evidence of loss, damage or theft, such as a police report or a statutory declaration.

Canberra public schools do not have to repair or replace any Chromebook that is stolen, lost or damaged.

Stolen or lost Chromebooks will be remotely disabled so that no one can use them.

Loss or theft out of school

If loss or theft occurs outside of school, parents/guardians should inform the Police Immediately. The Police Event Number should be provided to the School when the student reports the incident to the school.

Most common examples of damage

Parents/guardians should reinforce to students the importance of caring for the Chromebook placed in their custody. To assist parents/guardians to reduce the risk of damage to Chromebooks, below are examples of instances leading to damage to Chromebooks:

  • damage to the plastic casing and screen by the device falling from a student’s hands and landing on the floor

  • broken screens caused by students accidentally standing on the computer

  • broken screens and damage to plastic casing caused by the Chromebook accidentally falling off a table

  • broken screens from the Chromebook being placed on the floor where they have been kicked or stood on.

The approximate cost for the repair of a broken Chromebook screen is $329.

Repair turnaround

Canberra public schools will not always repair any damaged Chromebook.

Repair is dependent on the extent of the problem, the age of the Chromebook or how the Chromebook was damaged.

In the event that a Chromebook has been damaged by a student and or students, families will be invoiced for the cost of repair.  As devices are currently under warranty all repair work must be administered by the school.

More information about use and care of the Chromebooks can be found on the Directorate site:  and in the following links:

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