Student Projects

Alisha Miller's Chess Table17-18

Marlin Hershberger's Rustic Gun Cabinet 15-16
Ryan Hershberger's Tapered Leg Chess Table 15-16
Johnny Mullet's Early American Night Stand
Allison Miller's Pedestal Mirror Jewelry Box 15-16
Derek Burke's Early American Night Stand 15-16
Tapered Leg Chess Table with drawer
Alex Mast's Camping Chair 15-16
Mark Schlabach Golf Organizer 15-16
Brian Yoder's Golf Organizer 15-16
Bailey Engstrom's Bow Rack 15-16
Hailey Scheufler's Trophy Case 15-16

Scott Troyer's Bowl 15-16

Kyle Miller's Coffee Table 15-16

Nick Miller's Tapered Leg Chess Table 15-16

Cameron Hershberger's Pen 15-16

Ryan Hershberger's Lift Top Table 15-16
Alex Mast Early American Night Stand 16-17

Andrew Raber's Gun Rack 16-17
Bruce Yoder's Tapered Leg Chess Table 16-17

Ethan Drzazga's Tapered Leg Table 16-17

Jordan Yoder's Display Case 16-17

Miguel Tapia's Pine Hope Chest 16-17

Angela Troyer's Jewelry Box 16-17

Blake Mullet's Hickory Table 16-17
Bruce Yoder's Oak Bench 16-17
Derek Burke's Coffee Table 16-17
Dylan Kaufman's Jewelry Box 16-17
Dylan Miller's Jewelry Box 16-17
Cameron Hershberger's Glass Display Table 16-17
Kyle Miller's Dresser 16-17
Ryan Hershberger's Rustic Dresser 16-17
Grant Mast's Corner Gun Cabinet 14-15
Trevor Mast's Gun Cabinet 14-15
Jordon Yoder's Glass Table 16-17
Tyler Schmucker's Table 16-17
Joel Troyer's fishing Cabinet 16-17
Morgan McMillan's Chess Table 17-18
 Jordon Yoder's Fishing Cabinet 17-18

 Damon Mast's Entertainment Stand 17-18
 Heidi Hershberger's Chess Table 17-18
Collin Miller's Chess Table 17-18
Derek Burke's Hickory Table and Benches 17-18
Kennedy Schlabach's Ladder Shelf 17-18

Morgan McMillan's Ping Pong Table 17-18
Kennedy Schlabach's Walnut Bowl 17-18
Alex Mast's Rifle Display Case 17-18
Emma Kline's Chess Table 17-18
Taylor Mullet's Night Stand 17-18
Casey Lowe's Pedestal Mirror Jewelry Box 17-18
Abby Miller's Pig Cutting Board 18-19
Maddy Miller's Pig Cutting Board 18-19
Ethan Ferrell's Pig Cutting Board 18-19