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Welcome students, parents, faculty, and staff to the 2017-2018 school year! I look forward to an exciting year at Momauguin Elementary School. Our theme this year is “You Matter…Every Child, Every Parent, Every Teacher, Every Day” We want all of our Momauguin families to know that we respect the value and worth of every individual and will try our best to listen, care, and teach to everyone’s needs, every day.

Momauguin Elementary School educates students in kindergarten through grade five. Our vision is to provide all students with a superior education that motivates and enriches academically, socially, emotionally, and culturally while empowering all to achieve future success. We work to accomplish this by being a culturally and socially aware community that sets high expectations through data-driven and differentiated instruction. We hope to provide enriching and engaging experiences in a collaborative and nurturing environment where students are motivated to problem solve, challenge themselves, and persevere in order to become independent learners. You will find these vision and mission statements posted around our school so that they are a constant reminder of our daily plan and purpose.

Teaching strategies are differentiated to meet the learning styles and differing abilities of all of our students through the use of engaging materials and technology to support instruction. Teachers use a variety of formal and informal assessment measures on a regular basis to provide an ongoing picture of each student’s progress and then use this data to adjust instruction in order to meet the needs of all students.

Just as children learn to read, write, and problem solve mathematically, so do they learn the values of respect, caring, and kindness. Daily, we integrate these values into our classroom instruction. Since our mascot is the Orca Whale we work with students to understand what it means to “Be an O.R.C.A.”. (O – Own your behavior, R – Respect the school community, C – Care for others, A – Always do your best) You can learn more about this on our PBIS page.

Parents and guardians are valued members of our Momauguin School community.  We believe a positive partnership between home and school is essential and students are more successful when parents regularly and actively support their children in the educational process.  There are numerous ways parents can assist and make a difference whether by reading to and with your child, joining the PTO or participating in PTO sponsored events, being sure that homework and good study habits are developed, and that students arrive to school each day well-rested and ready to learn.

Please feel free to call or email me at any time with any questions or concerns or to arrange a time to stop in for a meeting. I look forward to working together to provide the best possible educational experience for all!

With warm regards,

Diane Y. MacKinnon, Principal

Momauguin Elementary School

Please check out our School Based Health Center.  This service is incredible because it allows your child to receive medical care during the school day.  They have a wide variety of services.  

Check out Mrs. Martino's website for her music class:

The support staff at Momauguin put together a phenomenal resource for parents.  See this document below.

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