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Orienteering at Wakari Hopsital Grounds

SUNDAY JULY 24th – Starts from 11am

  • 30 Minutes, OR … 
  • 60 Minutes, OR ... 
  • “Collect the Lot”, OR ... 
  • A Special Category: “Adult-&-Child” (30 minutes) One adult (18yrs or older) PLUS one child (12yrs or younger), going around together. Very small PRIZES for this group! 
You must state before you start which 'course' you want to do!
PARKING: Will be near the Boiler House of the Hospital. Drive in using the BACK entrance – ie about 500m south-west along Helensburgh Road. The carpark is then about 50metres on the left. Please do NOT use the main entrance of Wakari Hospital (off the Taieri Road).

MASS STARTS at 11am, 11.15, 11.30, 11.45, 1200. ABSOLUTELY NO STARTS AFTER 12noon.

Scoring, for the 'timed' courses, is your total number of controls collected MINUS TWO for every minute that you are over 30/60 minutes! “Collect the lot” is for the fastest time overall!


SPECIAL NOTICE: Wakari hospital grounds are public property but the whole complex is “Home” for many patients and residents. Please respect the fact that you are on their territory, and that you are in their space. Patients and residents are free to walk around their grounds. If you meet someone who is a bit different from you, be polite and friendly – and go on orienteering! The inside of any building is strictly out-of-bounds, and some “purple” areas marked on the map are also out-of-bounds. In particular do NOT use the path between the north end of Helensburgh House (that's the 9-storey building) and the Taieri Road.

COST : $5 adults, $3 for students and anyone under the age of 21. Parent-and-child going together: $5. Special category for Wakari and Leslie Groves staff: $3 if they have ID! Bring the correct change if possible.

MAP: 1:3000, Brilliant mapping by Genevieve Webb, (but forgive us if there are minor errors!).

The coloured map is NOT on waterproof paper! Not all details such as flower beds are marked. The purple shading means Out of Bounds. You may use the footpath of Helensburgh & Taieri Roads, and Ashmore Streets if you wish. There is no need for any course to cross a public road. Watch for traffic on the Hospital roads.

BRING A PEN, PENCIL, OR SIMILAR! The controls are of square card marked with an orange triangle and two letters. They will be below 1.5 metres in height. The visibility will depend on what direction you arrive at it! Some will be tied to the nearest tree, post, etc.

You will be given a Control Descritption list and you must write the letters of each control beside that : Be careful to match the correct letters to the correct control number!

TOILETS – there are NO public toilets so Go Before You Come!

WEAR shoes suitable for tarmac, grass, and plenty of mud!

Be careful where you tread – please do not tread on the tame ducks near the ponds

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