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Local Rogaines

Thanks to Steve and Marianne for running the awesome Glow Worms event.
Info on what it was all about here...

The next local 3 hour Rogaine is being held out amongst the open country of the Middlemarch rocks, on Monday 20th March; Day 3 of our Otago Anniversary Weekend series of Otago Champs orienteering events.  The fine rogaine navigation will be harder, as it will be on a more detailed orienteering map.  You'll be finding orienteering flags & using the Sport Ident electronic timing system. 
See the Otago Champs information for details. 
Pre-event indication of intention to attend required (to know how many maps to print).  You can just enter the Rogaine day, or choose to also try orienteering on the Saturday or Sunday as well.

Central Otago Orienteers

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