Master in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Elective in Artificial Intelligence

Proff. Barbara Caputo, Luca Iocchi, Paolo Liberatore, Fiora Pirri

A.Y. 2016/2017

Description of the course

The course gives 12 credits and is structured in the following four sections (please refer to each of the sections following the links in this page for additional details, including exams).


Each section has specific dates (check each section web-site).
Book through Infostud only when you have passed all the sections.
For A.Y. 2016/2017 the Professor in charge of the registration is
Prof. Luca Iocchi.
Any request for change of the modules should be addressed to him.


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Visual Learning: Recognition- Prof. Barbara Caputo

Human Robot Interaction - Prof. Luca Iocchi

Automated Reasoning - Prof. Paolo Liberatore

Introduction to Pattern Recognition- Prof. Fiora Pirri

Prof. Barbara Caputo

3 Credits - II Semester



This course will provide the students with a unified view on max-margin based techniques that enable the construction of visual recognition algorithms for intelligent systems. The course will discuss the specific requirements of vision for such systems while introducing methods for categorization, localization, adaptive learning and scene understanding.

Prof. Luca Iocchi

3 Credits - II Semester



Applications involving robots interacting with people are gaining increasing interest. The course will provide an overview of recent methods and techniques for Human-Robot Interaction and Social Robotics. Several interaction modalities will be discussed in the course, including: vision, speech, body motion, user interfaces, etc.

Prof. Paolo Liberatore

3 Credits - I Semester

Prof. Fiora Pirri

3 Credits - II Semester