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About Global Studies

Geography 8 will ask questions that the earliest humans asked, "What's over there?” and “Why is it there?”.  Exploration and the discovery of places, cultures, and ideas have always been basic components of geography and world history. 8th grade geography will include:

• A study of the world’s people, cultures and histories.
• How to use a variety of geographer’s tools.
• Analysis of today’s current events.
• Development of reading and writing skills as outlined in  Minnesota’s 2010 Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects.

…All in order to prepare you for your future role as a global citizen.

About your teacher

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Hour    Course
 1          Global Studies 8
 2          Global Studies 8
 3          Global Studies 8
 4          Global Studies 8
 5          Global Studies 8
 6          Rebel Power Hour
 7          Prep/Advisory

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