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The Odd Couple:   Two Comedies
 by Neil Simon

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Female Version
March 8, 9, & 14 at 7:30
March 17 at 2:30

Male Version
March 7 & 15  at 7:30
March 9 & 10 at 2:30

Tickets are $8 for Students and Seniors and $10 for Adults
 Howard F. Horner Performing Arts Center 1400 SE 130th (between Stark and Division)
Box Office Hours: M, W, & F 3-5:30pm on school days.
Call the box office at 503-261-8270

DDHS is proud to present Neil Simon’s classic comedy twice!!! It’s told in hilarious dueling productions on alternate nights! Felix and Oscar, in the male version, and Florence and Olive, in the female version, face off as new room mates whose personalities couldn’t be more mismatched -- one a clean freak and the other a slob!  Oscar/Olive still tries to support the newly single and heart broken Felix/Florence, but those good intentions turn murderous!  An odd collection of friends fill out this hilarious comedy including an unforgettable poker game for the men and a classic game of trivial pursue for the women!  See these classic characters across the battle of the sexes! Join us for both productions!

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