Welcome to Mr. Slothouber's Math Class!

Oh no!!!  I have missing assignments!!!!!!!!!  Is this you?????
Want to see if you have missing assignments?  Do these steps!!!
    1.  Go to your Portal account
    2.  Click on your/our math class so you can see all your assignments and their scores.
    3.  Do you have any assignments labeled "Missing" for the current quarter?
 If you do have MISSINGS and you want to complete them and you're not sure what they are or what they look like, continue with these steps!!!
    4.  See the "DATE ASSIGNED" next to your missing assignment?  Use that date for the next step.
    5.  Now go to my calendar link above and click on that "DATE ASSIGNED" from your missing assignment.
    6.  There you will see a description of the assignment, and under "MORE DETAILS" you can see/print the attachment if needed.
    7.  Complete the assignment

Calendar --- If there is a handout attachment, be sure you click the "more details" link on that calendar date!!!

Homework Requirements --- This has my abbreviations I use, too.  Each student was given a copy of this.

First Day handout and Supply List --- Each student was given a copy of this on their first day (8/9/18 for most kids).

Need help with math?   FREE tutoring program will be held in library after school.  When this gets started I will let you know.  I am available by appointment, too.  There's many online resources, too.  Don't forget parents can be helpful, siblings, and/or friends and classmates.  Asking for help is the key!!!!!!

Want to view the online textbook?   The Green Math 7 textbook (Book A and Book B) is available online via my.hrw.com     Sign in using "kwk2y" as BOTH the username and password.   Then, find the green textbook picture, and click the link to its right: 5th link is Book A the 6th link in Book B.  Use the 5th or 6th link (seems to work best).

Questions or comments?  Please contact me via email:  kwslothouber@dcsdk12.org