Adopted and Revised March 2015



Article I:  Name 

The name of this organization is Prairie Crossing Educational Alliance (PCEA), a Chapter of the Douglas County Educational Foundation, located on 11605 S. Bradbury Ranch Drive, Parker, Colorado 80134.  PCEA is a member of the Douglas County Educational Foundation (DCEF), a non-profit 501©(3) foundation incorporated in the State of Colorado.

Article II:  Statement of Purpose

 The PCEA will strive to enhance the school's mission to help families realize their children's social, creative, and intellectual development.  These resources will be directed toward educationally focused goals that address the needs of students, staff, parents, and community.

 Article III:  Objectives 

·         To provide a structure whereby the community can collaborate for the best interests of the students

·         To broaden the child’s school experience through sponsorship of community events, service learning, and enhanced learning opportunities.

·         To organize fundraising projects that support the school community

·         To provide opportunities for parents and interested community members to participate in the school.

·         To promote PCE and PCEA to the community at large.

 Article IV:  Policies 

·         This organization’s policies shall be developed in accordance with both its stated purpose in Article II and DCEF guidelines.

·         This organization shall develop its policies with the involvement of the entire Board of Directors.  In the event the Executive Officers become deadlocked on a policy issue, the matter will be heard by the Principal and/or Vice Principal and put to quorum vote. 

Article V:  Membership 

·         General membership is open to:

o   Parents and guardians of the students enrolled at PCE

o   Teachers, Staff and Administrators of PCE

o   Any interested community members

·         One teacher is required to represent the PCE staff annually and attend the PCEA monthly meetings

·         There shall be no dues required for membership


Article VI:  Leadership Structure 

·         The Board of Directors shall consist of the following elected Executive Officers:

o   President

o   Vice President

o   Secretary

o   Treasurer

o   Immediate Past President

·         Elected Officers shall receive no compensation for their services

·         At least one person from the Board of Directors shall attend the annual DCEF Foundation meeting

·         The PCEA Board of Directors shall consist of the Executive Officers, Principal and Assistant Principal 


Article VII:  Officer Elections and Terms of Office 

Board of Directors members (Executive Officers) shall be elected for two-year terms by majority vote of the existing PCEA membership, with the exception of the Vice President, which is a three-year term.    

·         The President will serve for one year.  The following year, the President will automatically move into the role of “Immediate Past President”.

·         The Vice President will serve for one year.  The following year, the Vice President will automatically move into the role of President.

·         The Secretary and Treasurer will serve a two year-term, unless there is a desire to move into the Vice President role.  Officers electing to continue into a second term (four years) may do so as incumbents, unless they are challenged, in which case it would go to a general election.

·         Nominations:  Anyone willing to serve on the Board may be nominated by any PCEA member, or by submitting his/her name to the Board.

·         General Election:  The Executive Officer(s) will be selected during any open term by a majority vote of the PCEA membership.

·         General Officer Information:

o   Executive Officers shall assume their duties at the completion of the last day of the term in the school year which a position is open for office.  Until the close of the school year, the previous Executive Officers will work with the new Executive Officers to orient and exchange any records.

o   A vacancy occurring in an office shall be filled by an interim Officer until the end of the vacating Officer’s term, by a majority vote of the remaining members of the Board of Directors, with the exception of the President, which shall be filled for the remainder of the term by the Vice President.

o   An Executive Officer may be removed from their position for failing to uphold the duties and ethics of their office based on the recommendation of a Board Member, if that recommendation is approved by a 2/3 majority of the Board of Directors. 

o   The Board of Directors shall meet as needed, but at least once per semester and once during the summer prior to the start of the school year to prepare for beginning of school activities. 

§  If needed or requested, the Board of Directors will meet with the Principal and Vice Principal to discuss any relevant business. 


Article VIII:  Duties of Officers 

Responsibilities of the Executive Officers shall include:

·         Determine budgetary goal for fundraising and priorities for fundraising

·         Maintain a working knowledge of PCEA affairs

·         Maintain a page on the PCE website, including a calendar, of all PCEA affairs


Ø  President:

·         Subject to the control of the Board, the President shall have the general supervision of the affairs of the PCEA.  The President shall set the agenda for and preside at the meetings of the Board and General Meetings.  In addition, the President shall: 

·         Serve as primary contact to the Principal/Assistant Principal

·         Represent PCEA at meetings outside PCE

·         Serve as an ex officio member of all committees

·         Coordinate the work of all the Executive Officers and committees

·         Assure that all reporting required by the DCEF is accomplished

·         Assure that materials printed and distributed on behalf of the PCEA are approved by the DCEF before they are published

·         Ensure that the school community is informed of all pertinent information

·         Determine meeting schedule; call special meetings as necessary.

·         In conjunction with the Treasurer,

o   Prepare a list of Grants awarded

o   Assure that proper receipts are provided to individuals and corporations who make cash or in-kind donations to PCEA; a Thank You letter may serve as a proper receipt.

·         Shall have the option of delegation of any of the above duties to other Executive Officers


Ø  Vice-President:

·         The Vice-President will take an active role in all PCEA Board meetings and preside over any meetings in the President’s absence

·         Act as an aide to the President in any capacity as deemed necessary


Ø  Secretary:

·         Attend Board and General Meetings and record the minutes.  In the absence of the Secretary, the Board shall select another member to record the minutes

·         Send all meeting minutes to DCEF Finance Manager as required under DCEF guidelines

·         Maintain the PCEA page on the PCE website


Ø  Treasurer:  Responsible for the PCEA Accounting process according to DCEF policy

·         Works in conjunction with the DCEF Finance Manager and PCE Bookkeeper

·         Deposits all checks and cash to the PCEA bank account at Wells Fargo

·         Oversees receipts and/or invoices and submits Pay Vouchers to DCEF for vendor payment or reimbursements

·         Maintains records detailing PCEA Finances, including budget and expenditures

o   Must reconcile the PCEA records against the DCEF Monthly Statement.  Any discrepancies should immediately be remediated with DCEF Finance Manager

o   The balance at the end of the school year MUST balance with the DCEF June statement

·         Submits District Transfer Requests between PCEA and PCE

o   Reconciles details as agreed between PCEA Executive Officers with PCE Bookkeeper/Principal prior to completing transfer form

o   Transfers should be completed a minimum of twice per school year

§  January for the previous Fall transactions

§  Late May/early June for the Spring transactions

·         Fundraising:  Each year the Board shall set goals based upon school improvement plans and identified needs, for the use of the funds to be raised the following year.

o   Act as financial representative during school fundraisers vendor meetings

o   Act as Finance Committee Chair for all fundraisers

o   Liaison with DCEF if credit card machines are required for a fundraiser

·         Prepares tentative Budget at the end of a school year for the following school year

·         Maintains and periodically updates Fundraising Guidelines for PCE Teacher/School Grants


Ø  Immediate Past President:

·         Will serve in an advisory capacity to the Executive Officers, especially President.  


Article IX:  Parliamentary Authority 

The rules and procedures contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the proceedings of the Prairie Crossing Educational Alliance.  Voting by phone or by proxy may be instituted as the situation may allow (i.e. emergency appropriation of funds, etc.).


Article X:  Amendments 

These Bylaws may be amended by a 2/3 majority vote of the Board of Directors.


Article XI:  Committees 

The Board may establish standing or ad hoc committees as needed.  


Article XII:  Role of the DCEF 

Ø  As described under its own bylaws, the DCEF provides certain services for its chapters, such as the Prairie Crossing Educational Alliance.  Included in those services are maintaining a checking account for the PCEA funds, and maintaining records of monetary transactions.  PCEA funds deposited in the DCEF checking account will be used only for PCEA approved expenditures on behalf of Prairie Crossing Elementary.

Ø  The PCEA shall compensate the DCEF for its services.  This compensation is limited to the interest earned on PCEA funds held by the DCEF. 


Article XIII:  Dissolution 

·         The organization can be dissolved by a majority vote of the Executive Officers, Principal and Vice Principal

·         A final financial report should be prepared by the Treasurer and reconciled against DCEF statements, showing adequate funds to cover any outstanding expenditures

·         Upon dissolution, any remaining funds shall be spent for the benefit of PCE and the students