Mr. Brown's Newsletter

Field day is coming May 17th.

We have already played the following sports or the following activities. You could go and play these games with your student/family. I am trying to teach games and sports that they can play at any time in and around the Parker community to help make the 60 minutes of play each day.

Games played:

    • Collaboration games (Indiana Jones, Castle Relay, Hop Hoop Hoopla)
    • Frisbee games (Throwing, catching, Disc Golf, Ultimate Frisbee)
    • Racket sports (Tennis, pickelball, racquetball)
    • Basketball (Dribbling, passing, shooting)
    • Gymnastics (Balance, strength)
    • Rock wall
    • American Ninja Warrior obstacle course
    • Spikeball (striking skills)
    • Yard games (underhand tossing with Cornhole, Horseshoes, bowling, ring toss, and Giant Jenga)
    • Football (overhand throwing, catching, and moving in space safely)
    • Ice skating
    • Hockey (Hand eye coordination, striking skills)
    • Table games
    • Kids Heart Challenge month (includes many jumping activities during p.e.)
    • Scooter games
    • Soccer
    • Lacrosse
    • Baseball/softball
    • Volleyball
    • Collaboration games

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