Mr. Green

Hello Mountain Vista Students and Faculty. My name is Mr. Green and I am the General Music teacher here at MVHS. This year I will be teaching Piano I, AP Music Theory, Percussion Techniques, MIDI/ Composition, and Music Theory. I am excited to get to be a part of this great school and a great performing arts department. On this site you can get to all of my classroom pages.

My Schedule

Period 1 - AP Music Theory U727

Period 2 - Piano I U727

Period 3 - PLAN

Period 4 - Music Theory/ MIDI Composition U727

Period 5 - PLAN

Period 6 - Percussion Techniques U722

Period 7 - Piano I U727


Before Friday August 17th, 2018 you must:

Read the attached syllabus.

Print and sign the sign-off sheet stating you have read the syllabus.

Purchase your textbooks (for select courses)

Students are encouraged to have a personally owned computing device of their own for use at home and in class during various times of the year. We will be using them in conjunction with the limited number of devices the school owns to provide as much access as possible. Increasingly, the resources and activities that we will be doing will depend on access to mobile devices beyond a phone. I will communicate when these devices will be utilized as part of instruction and activities. Please consider investing in one of these very reasonably priced devices that will allow us to access the internet and other resources. District pricing: Thank you, and please contact me,, or dawn.ramsey@dcsdk12.orgwith additional questions or concerns about this initiative.

If you need anything you cannot find on these pages, you can find me in the Piano Lab U727, or email me at