Hello, Everyone! Welcome to Team Horizon!

Here is a link to a list of the 100 must-read novel for the YA reader from the School Library Journal:


This is Mirabelle at her first concert (you can see St. Vincent right between M's head and mine). We hit up the 1st annual Grandoozy.

Mirabelle teaching the Cresthill Cougar what's what.

This is a picture of me (long ago) at a summer club swim meet... the sweatshirt is from the biz that I had with my brother. We owned a pool maintenance company.

Here's the fam on Mirabelle's first Halloween... She was Princess Leia (forced on my part:))

Welcome to Mr. Levine's webpage, where you can find information on classwork, tests, projects, reading, etc.

A little bio on Levine:

Greetings and Salutations Team Horizon Students and all Cresthill Cougars!

I am very excited to be a part of Cresthill Middle School this year, and DCSD as a whole. This year means a lot to me in terms of my career, working with awesome kids, and teaching the subject I love and have a deep passion for. Here's a little info about me for you to know me better...

I will be starting my 21st year teaching. I taught for 1 year in Durango at a boarding school called Colorado Timberline Academy. My goal was always to get back to the Denver area and I accepted a job teaching High School English, Freshman, Sophomore's, British Literature, and Reading at Elizabeth HS. I stayed at Elizabeth for 4 years teaching numerous classes, like Science Fiction Lit, Fantasy Lit, American Lit, and Creative Writing. In 2005 I took a job at Rock Canyon HS in Douglas County. I taught there for 3 years, and when I heard that a new school was opening in Parker called Legend HS I took the bait. I applied for and was interviewed to be a part of Legend HS. One little caveat was that I had to teach in the middle school, Cimarron for a year. I taught 8th grade Lang Arts for 5 years, instead of 1. I absolutely love teaching middle school and really have found my calling. After spending 8 years in DCSD I decided that it was time for me to try something new, and I took a position teaching at Casey Middle School in Boulder Valley. I wanted to challenge myself with teaching in a school that was diverse, and a having a 1+ hour drive, each way, every day. I had a class schedule that was different than any middle school teaching I ever did. I taught a 7th Reading class, AVID & 8th grade LA, and the year before that I taught 7th grade LA. I spent 2 years at Casey and am grateful for the experience, but I am enthralled and super excited to be back in DCSD, and especially at Cresthill. For me, Cresthill has everything that anyone could want; great kids, awesome teachers, amazing administration, and a superb staff. I am beyond excited for this year to begin. This year is going to rock!

Well, now about me, and who I am. I have lived in Colorado since 1978. I went to Regis Jesuit High School and was (and still am, sort of) a swimmer. I attended Fort Lewis College in Durango for 4.5 years working towards and earning my degree in English Education, and a Minor in Writing. In 2002 I married my longtime girlfriend Sadie, and we continue to live in South Denver. Sadie is a teacher too and has been working as a PLS at Sierra Middle School for the past 6 years. Sadie and I welcomed our first human child in November 2014, a baby girl, Mirabelle. We have 1 awesome dog, Sweet Pea, a hybrid of some sort, Italian Greyhound, Dachshund, and maybe Beagle? I am an avid reader of all things, a swimmer when I feel motivated, a water polo player, and a connoisseur of film and television. My biggest non-teaching accomplishments are finishing an Ironman in 2008, and thinking about swimming the English Channel. I love what I do, and can't wait to have a great year and become part of this wonderful school and part of the HR community. Thanks for having me, and never be afraid of emailing or calling me for questions, or whatever. Thanks for having me, and let's get this year going! WooWee!