Gifted Education and Advanced Learning at Cimarron

Cimarron Middle School : Gifted & Talented Facilitator

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Gifted Education Programming

What does Gifted Education Programming look like at Cimarron?

A continuum of programming services designed to meet the academic, social/emotional and behavioral needs of Gifted Learners

Advanced Courses offered at each grade level and differentiated instruction designed to meet the needs of Gifted Learners in Core Academic classes and Elective classes

Gifted and advanced learners grouped with other gifted and academically advanced peers for Language Arts and Math

Extensive opportunities for enrichment, extended learning, and summer opportunities.

Advanced Courses at Cimarron

Additional Programming Options

Dual Enrollment

  • Students needing academic programming at the high school level may receive instruction through online programming as a dually enrolled student through eDCSD.

  • Examples of past dual enrollment programming: Chinese 2, Algebra 2

Affective & Social/Emotional Programming

  • Individual and group counseling opportunities to meet students’ affective needs

  • School-wide Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS)

  • STEP - Student/Teacher Emergenetics Program

  • Clubs & Extracurricular after school programs

  • 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students engage in career exploration activities embedded within classroom curriculum and team activities.

  • Early college and career planning for 8th grade students through Naviance Strength Finder, Naviance Career Cluster Finder, and the District Sponsored Career Expo

On-going Staff Development

  • Gifted and Talented Facilitator collaborates/consults with classroom teachers to appropriately extend the content for identified gifted students, utilizing a menu of programming options

  • District-wide staff development such as Understanding the Gifted Learner; Principles of Differentiation, Understanding the Twice Exceptional Learner, etc.

  • Annual Conferences and Training Opportunities