Incoming 9th Graders for Castle View High School

2022-23 Registration Information

  • Students will receive paper registration sheets and meet with CVHS counselors the week of 1/10 at CRMS, ACS, AVA, AA, and WCA. Students coming from any other school can pick up a paper registration form at CVHS or just proceed to the Google Form below. The info is the same in both formats.

  • All 8th grade students should enter their requests into this FORM by 1/26/22. Sheets do not need to be turned in. If your google form does not work, you can drop the form off at CVHS.

CVHS 8th Grade Night - February 3rd

5:00 - 6:00 - Athletics and Activities Fair

6:00 - 6:15 - Hear from our principal, Dr. Rex Corr

6:15 - 8:00 - Academic Open House


1. If you open enrolled to CVHS, make sure you have accepted your enrollment and turned in your paperwork. is our registrar if you have questions.

All students living in our feeder area or enrolled at CRMS did not need to open enroll.

2. Print and Review this Registration Sheet and 1-page cheat sheet. Then this Watch Video.

3. Review specific details about courses in our Course Guide and more info about upper level programs on this Resource Page

4. Virtual Registration Help Night - January 13th from 6-8pm. Email Counselors with questions to get quick responses, or hop into a Zoom help room.

Zoom Links Here

5. Submit This Form by January 26th. You do not need to turn in a paper form this year.

6. Optional - These classes will require an application later this spring. Fill out this form to be notified when the applications are ready.

      • Student Government, Newspaper, Yearbook

      • ACC Spanish 111/112 (equivalent to Spanish 3),

      • ACC PC Applications

      • AP Human Geography/Honors English

      • Auditions for the Upper Level Orchestra or Band

7. Attend CVHS 8th Grade Night on February 3rd

  • 5:00 - 6:00 - Athletics and Activities Fair

  • 6:00 - 6:15 - Hear from our principal, Dr. Rex Corr

  • 6:15 - 8:00 - Academic Open House

***Requests to modify course requests after this night will be accepted by emailing the counsleors.

BACKUP PLAN - Go to on 1/13. This is a virtual event.

  • Pre-Recorded Video Bank of Specific Program Information

  • Live Zoom Rooms from 6:00 - 7:30pm for Q&A on specific programs

  • Submit your contact information to high school sports and activities

  • Optional Live Zoom Registration Support Sessions starting at 5pm, 6pm, or 7pm

  • Recorded Information can be accessed after 1/19 on

Should I take AP or Concurrent Enrollment (ACC) classes?

AP Overview:

AP Student & Parent Contract:

Concurrent Enrollment Classes and Info (earn college credit while in high school)

Concurrent Enrollment Overview:

Career and Tech Ed Opportunities

CTE Overview:

CVHS Registration Policy

--How many credits can I take each year? Min/Max

--Are there exceptions?

--Required Off-Hours


--9 week career experience for CV students.

--Internship Overview Video

2022-23 CVHS Course Guide

--Graduation Requirements

--List of all the courses with descriptions, pre-requisites, and fee information.

--There is also information about off-campus CTE programs, ACC Concurrent Enrollment, and AP Classes.


4-Year Planning Resources-Optional

Blank 4-Year Planner, Graduation Requirements, & Credit Check

--Blank schedules for 4 years

--Graduation credit check to be used based on your transcript of completed classes and future plans.