Cimarron Middle School Academic Success Team (AST)

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Academic Success Team (AST) Website!

Our Vision & Mission

Vision -

The Academic Success Team will build relationships to create a collaborative community that provides systems of support to promote success of all students.

Mission -

At Cimarron Middle School, the Academic Success Team is dedicated to supporting students, parents, teachers, and the community to meet the individual needs of students by providing resources, differentiation, and a positive learning environment to empower student academic success.

Academic Success Team Members

  • Stephanie Adams - Dimensions of Math, Geometry, Accelerated Math 7

  • Kathy Davis -Special Education

  • Melissa Fogle - English as a Second Language (6th grade)

  • Sandra Garner - Literacy Interventionist and Dimensions in Literacy

  • Sarah Hasler - Professional Learning Specialist, Gifted and Talented

  • Leslie Kalmon- English as a Second Language (7th grade and 8th grade)

  • Catherine Scholz- Special Programs Counselor

  • Priyanka Graten - Assistant Principal

  • Chris Zimmerman - Principal